We offer books for a donation of your choice!


Come gather with us as we aspire to build our
coffee community!

Community Monthly Focus

Every month, we support a different organization doing something beautiful in our community or in our world.

About Us

We desire to provide a place for true community to happen and make a difference in the world by giving a portion of our profits to local and global causes. We proudly serve Messenger coffee and make our crepes to order in store. Come gather with us as we aspire to provide the best coffee and crepes possible, and build our coffee community!

Books for non-profit

As well as giving our overflow profits to local and global causes, we also offer books for a donation of your choice, all profits from these books will go directly to the same local and global causes. We offer books from fiction, non-fiction, self-help and many more! Feel free to come on in and buy a book for a donation or bring some books yourself to donate!

Community Focus

Mission 10:10

“Mission 10:10 strives to change the lives of “street’ kids.  Orphaned or abandon to survive on their own, these kids know very little about real love or family. Mission 10:10 provides a safe place for these boys and girls, to get a meal, clean water, clothes, but more importantly they experience the love of Jesus. Through love, training, and counseling, our goal is not to institutionalize these children but to support Christian families, giving them the ability to provide family structure, and an abundant future.”

(taken from their website — visit for more information)